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Today it’s official!! is up and running! Check out the Pin Up of the Month, Rise of the Month, and Item of the Month, along with the upcoming events and BLOGS/Videos! Thank you for your support! xoxo, Lil Miss KO #parttimepinup #steadyclothing #rockwelldevil #layrite #mitziandco #lilmissko #pinupgirl #pinupparadise #pinupworship #pinupmodel

Bettys on a Budget

Part of this website is to share my budget finds with other Bettys.  Being a Pin Up Girl gets super expensive, super fast! The vintage inspired dresses can be costly and the real vintage dresses are often outrageously priced! So today I found this at Target for $9.98!! Polka dots scream retro!! So hopefully you can find a Target near you that carries this dress and add it to your Pin Up wardrobe! There weren’t any other colors but I also feel like mint is oh-so-retro! Happy hunting for your vintage inspired wardrobe and if you find something, share it with me too!

My #wcw goes out to this unicorn. She is truly a unicorn because there is no way to explain how she exists. She is one of the most caring, generous and determined people I have ever met. She is always encouraging me and sets such a great example with how strong and perseverant she is. Plus she is crazy creative and gorgeous to boot! You don’t find that anywhere! And that’s why she is a real unicorn. Thank you, Judy, for everything through out the years. @jvalentineinc #jvalentineinc #jvalentinefamily #womancrushwednesday #wonderwoman #josielovesjvalentine #unicorn

Mooneyes Mother’s Day Show

   The Mooneyes Mother’s Day show was almost 2 weeks ago but it was such an amazing experience that I must share it with you!

  I had the pleasure of spending the day at the Mitzi and Co. Photography booth with the beautiful pin up models, Ruby Champagne, Josephine Jean and Christine Fury. The cars were amazing but the pin up models were even more so! Everyone’s eyeliner was purrfectly cat eyed and ruby red lips were a plenty! Along with drag races, classic and custom cars, there are several vendors and booths to pick up some real vintage trinkets or replicas. One of my absolute favorite is Steady Clothing. They even had a few dresses that weren’t released yet and I had the opportunity to wear one! Pictured is me in the red polka dot Diva dress.  This dress will hurt somebody’s feelings.  No joke, I have never wanted to wear a dress so much!

  I participated in their instagram scavenger hunt where 2 lucky people won a Lux De Ville purse and a men’s bowling shirt from them. It was so much fun!

Then I did a photoshoot in their dress with the Budweiser panel chevrolet and another custom car. This dress fit me like a DREAM! So then it was time for the Pin Up Contest and yours truly was in the running. I asked if I could continue wearing the dress for the pin up contest and they said YES! I was beyond excited! Long story short, I did a little walk, danced a little dance, answered a question to showcase my public speaking skills and won 2nd place! The crowd cheering, the treats in the goodie bag, and the Steady Clothing dress that I left in were more than enough to make that one of the most memorable days ever! Thank you to everyone that made that day so special for me!

Thanks to Mitzi and Co and Tim Hunter for the shots!

Starting to Blog

I have created a blog now on my website,, and am very excited to embark on this adventure. I am still learning how all of this works, so please be patient (-:

Part-time Pinup was created as a blog and a vlog for folks to visit and get tips on vintage styling, as well as an up to date list on upcoming events, and a change to win our featured “Item of the Month”, or have their pinup photo featured or ride featured. I am also very budget conscious so I will be helping people find the best bang for their buck.

On the blog or vlog I may talk about something like how to get victory rolls in your hair, my experience at a car show or I may take the day to answer questions that were written in. I can promote your product and do a review.

Thanks for stopping by and drop me a line if you have something you would like a video made about, have an idea or event you want to share, or have a product you would like to promote!


Lil Miss KO

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